W H Y   S P O N S O R   U S?

Sponsor a Movement

Sponsoring McGill Rocket Team is a statement of your support for our mission and belief in our ability to continually accomplish it, while simultaneously pushing the envelop on the capabilities of university rocketry.

Improve Brand Visibility

As a sponsor, your logo appears on our all rockets, team attire and sponsorship banner. Wherever we go, your brand does too. Additionally, the team is diligent in making posting about our sponsors and how their generosity is helping us accomplish our goals.

Community Development

Members of the McGill Rocket Team are keen on sharing their irrepressible passion for rocketry with the Canadian public. Our outreach programs allow us to do just that and to show what Canadian companies are doing to support the space industry within Canada.

H O W   T O   S P O N S O R   T H E   T E A M


Financial donations to the McGill Rocket Team are primarily used for non-technical expenses. These include (but are not limited to) transportation costs of the team to competitions, updating team uniforms with relevant sponsors' logos, printing sponsorship banner etc.


Our work requires access to highly specific and often expensive materials and resources. As such, in-kind material donations of any kind are extremely appreciated.


What the McGill Rocket Team does each year is hard work! Contributions of any kind are always accepted. Some other ways to support our team include attendance at team events, stationaries, discounts, access to helpful facilities and special services.

M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N

Sponsorship Package

Download our Sponsorship Package to learn more  about what we have to offer our sponsors.

Support Us

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