Spaceport America Cup is the world's premiere rocket engineering competition. In the last week of June, over 100 international university teams gather at Spaceport America in New Mexico, USA to compete across six categories classified by target apogee and engine type; 10 000 ft commercial off the shelf (COTS) solid motors , 10 000 ft student research and designed (SRAD) solid motors, 10 000 ft SRAD hybrid/liquid motors, 30 000 ft COTS solid motors, 30 000 ft SRAD solid motors and 30 000 ft SRAD hybrid/liquid motors.


Teams are judged on technical design, launch readiness, flight performance, recovery and overall professionalism. Awards in each category are given for first and second place. The Genesis Cup is conferred onto the overall highest scoring team as proof of their achievements.

In 2018, the McGill Rocket Team became the first Canadian team to win the Spaceport America Cup.